One Day / Day Off Cleaning Services


Sigma maids Cleaning Services have Professional Staff in doing Off-Office Cleaning. Our highly experienced staff knows what the clients require and expect. They do their jobs well in order to have a clean and tidy working in Short Period of Time, environment because it means good health and a happy life.

Sigma maids caters to the needs of the smallest business to the largest corporations. We provide Professional cleaning services for small and medium size offices All over the UAE. Additionally, we can provide contract workers for estate agents, showrooms, restaurants and Shopping Malls Outlet's.

Sigma maids Cleaning staffs are trained and experienced but will always ready to follow your specifications and instructions.

" Productivity soars when dirt disappears! and Hygienic Evnironment invites more customer's "

Our expert office and business cleaning services ensure a worry-free way for your business to maintain a professional atmosphere day after day.

We meet the needs of Offices, Malls, Restaurents, Real Estate, Showroom Outlets, Hospitals, Universities and Colleges and more. Your cleaning consists of Sanitizing Restrooms & kitchenettes, Dusting, Floor & Marble Maintenance, common areas; and you choose the rest. Our professional Cleaner do extra care for Floor & Marble Maintenance in Office Areas.

These days it is all about image and the appearance of your office is important. Impress your clients and visitors by inviting them into an office that is sparkling clean and clutter free. Also your staff will be more relaxed and more productive in a clean and healthy environment. To accommodate your needs we offer our services during or after your business hours.